My First Dentures … 🦷

I now have 2 dentures.

The upper looks good. And is not all that uncomfortable. It does require some concentration to speak clearly. And I do have to eat … differently.

The bottom is larger and much less comfortable. I’m hoping it gets better seated over time. The denturist made some adjustments after a couple of weeks. That has helped. Some.

I’ll go back again in 6 months.

My remaining REAL bottom teeth are in rough shape, as well. I’ll probably have to do something with them in the next couple of years.

One downside with dentures is that you must remove and clean them at night. Put them back in place in the morning.

I do recommend my Denturist Vlad Dumbrava. FutureSmiles, Calgary. Two locations.

Vlad guesstimated the total work at about CAD $3000 — and that Alberta government insurance for Seniors of low income would cover about $2500. That sounded GREAT to me.

He also agreed to rush the top temporary denture so I could travel. And install the other denture on my return to Calgary.

Final ACTUAL cost to me: $648.

I had 5 teeth extracted, as well, in order to make room for the dentures. Those seems to have been 100% covered by my insurance.

Hopefully I can learn to live with dentures. I’m still considering it an experiment.

There are other more expensive options.

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