Rick’s favourite movies

To go along with my favourite books Page, I next added my favourite films.

Number 1 on the list?

The Godfather, what else.


Bill Murray

During one of those ice-breaker activities at camp last summer, I was asked for my favourite actor.

I named Bill Murray. Just to look at him makes me laugh.

Bill is at his best these days. Right on the edge. I don’t know what comes next.

He has been great in everything since Rushmore (1998).

One exception — Broken Flowers. That movie just did not work for me.

I just saw The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. A worthy addition to the Murray canon.


“free running”

Only the French could have come up with a sport this insane. You may have seen videos clips of youth in street clothes running, overcoming natural obstacles on the route with a variety of gymnastic and acrobatic moves including jumps & wall runs. It is an urban thing.

As usual, the recently maligned Wikipedia is the best reference on the web for anything interesting:

Parkour – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

David Belle, free runner

The wildest clip I have yet seen should be on this page, if you have high speed internet.

Doug Taylor pointed me to this building jumper video page.

movies – Michael Moore

Michael Moore Hates AmericaIt is well worth renting Michael Moore Hates America, especially if you are a fan of Michael Moore.

Aside from The Daily Show, who else challenging the right wing in the USA has any clout?

Much as I appreciate Moore’s films, my respect for the multi-millionaire is much diminished. Moore‘s work cannot be called documentary.

The libertarian comedian Penn Jillette (of Penn & Teller) is by far the most intelligent voice in the film.