Russian SciFi TV – Better than Us

I’d enjoyed these similar TV shows …

… so tried something quite similar – Better than Us 

It’s the first Russian television series to make it to Netflix.

I made it through 8 of the 16 episodes before finally giving up. The pace too slow. The English dubbed audio hilariously bad.

Paulina Andreeva is shockingly realistic as a killer robot.

The little daughter in the show played by Vita Kornienko is fantastic too.

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In 2029, robots have become an ordinary part of human life – they help raise children, work as personal drivers, security guards, and lovers.

For most people, “Bots” are just soulless machines that perform routine work, but they also become capable of emotions.

A group of rebels, “The Liquidators,” reject life with the bots – and are ready to shed human blood in their war against the machines.

HUM∀NS – season 2

Humans (stylised as HUM∀NS) is a British science fiction series exploring themes of artificial intelligence and robotics, focusing on the social, cultural, and psychological impact of the invention of anthropomorphic robots called “synths”.

Season 2 is not as good as season 1. But it is worth watching.

The humans are very human. Some of the synths are believable as androids.

It may be that Letitia Wright will end up the biggest star of the cast. She’s superb as a human who wants to be a synth.

Click PLAY or watch a trailer on YouTube.

Season 3 premieres in the UK May 2018. I’ll be continuing.

you might be killed by a drone

Greg linked to this video. I thought it was real … for the first few minutes.

It’s fiction. Black Mirror scary.

Click PLAY or watch Slaughterbots on YouTube.

The video was created by and Stuart Russell, a Professor of Computer Science at the University of California, Berkeley. …

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bringing manufacturing back …

Apple once manufactured in the USA.

Almost everything, in 2012, is now made overseas.

Steve Jobs famously told Obama, “Those jobs aren’t coming back.”

Even at that time, I thought Steve was wrong. Sooner or later the difference in wages will diminish enough to start bringing manufacturing plants back to the richest nations.

Trade embargoes could speed that up. But better would be using technology like Baxter …

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

… Affordably priced ($22,000), versatile and safe enough to work shoulder-to-shoulder with people, Baxter robots redefine how small, mid-size and large domestic manufacturers use automation to compete with manufacturers in low-cost regions of the world.

Baxter can’t build an iPhone yet, but it won’t be long.

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