British Music Experience, Liverpool

Of many exhibitions and museums I visited in the hometown of the Beatles, best for me was British Music Experience.

Born 1957, it was like walking through a timeline of my life:

Beatles ➙ Petula Clark ➙ Stones ➙ Kinks ➙ The Who ➙ Pink Floyd ➙ Led Zeppelin ➙ Queen ➙ The Police ➙ UB40 ➙ The Clash ➙ The Smiths ➙ Arctic Monkeys ➙ Coldplay ➙ Amy Winehouse ➙ Adele ➙ Ed Sheeran … to name a few artists who had great influence on me.

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I got closer to a hologram than ever before. Local boy Boy George.

The history of popular music in the UK is told through a narrative divided up into galleries with common components. …

There is an interactive timeline in each of the galleries. …


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Work Song by Hozier

Original and excellent song and video.

Work Song” (2014) possesses gospel backing vocals and church-like hand-claps, with literary themes of love, sin, and religion returning to the record. …

Hozier shot the video the day after the Grammy Awards, and reportedly woke up with an “outrageous hangover” during the shoot.

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Elvis (2022 film)

I never loved Elvis. Never listened to his music.

I did go to Graceland once — but only to make fun of the kitsch. 😀

Due to great reviews, I finally did see the new film ➙ Elvis.

Austin Butler did channel Elvis well.

At times it was edited more like a YouTube video than a Hollywood blockbuster. That was a brave choice. A modern twist on an American icon.

It is long at 2-hour-and-39-minutes. But they started with a four-hour cut including scenes of Presley with his first girlfriend, Dixie, and his meeting with President Richard Nixon in 1970.

I suspect the next future Elvis biopic will be darker. More realistic. And the role of Colonel Parker will be less prominent.

Thumbs up from this critic.

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