Canada 6th at World Gymnastics Championships

mqual_canteam6162.jpgEveryone happy happy about the best ever performance of the Canadian men’s team at Worlds. It’s no fluke. These guys are good.

Five of seven team members are from Alberta.

Kyle Shewfelt added to his medal collection with a Bronze on Floor Exercise and the first Canadian female gymnast medalled at the Worlds — Elyse Hopfner-Hibbs on beam.

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Indiana Hoser

I, Ricky Bobby, first visited Indianapolis (pop. 2 million) in 1991 for the World Gymnastics Championships and had a great time. This time I am here representing Cirque du Soleil at the USA Diving Championships.

White River State Park and the Zoo are sprawling green spaces adjacent to IUPUI (Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis)Dan Quayle is an alumni.

The Indiana University Natatorium is host of the Championships.


A lovely canal system winds through the parks near the venue.

Indianapolis is home to USA Diving, USA Gymnastics and the NCAA Headquarters. More important to Hoosiers is The Brickyard, home to the Indianapolis 500. (I am in town during the Allstate 400 at The Brickyard – the NASCAR Nextel Cup.)

The days of the Klan ruling ‘Naptown’ are long gone. But Indianapolis is back on the maplike Brockway, Ogdenville, and North Haverbrook — because they have a monorail.


It broke down during a heat wave, the day I arrived, cooking some hospital patients.

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sick of doping scandals

Gatlin Tests Positive for Testosterone

Tour de France winner Floyd Landis tests positive

Both claim to be innocent. Just like Ben Johnson. Ben was lying in 1988 though I believed him at the time.

It’s sad to see the accomplishments of fantastic athletes overshadowed by media coverage of alleged doping. The clean competitors must be plenty ticked off.

Despite what Lance Armstrong says, I believe drug use is endemic in tour cycling. There is just too much smoke for there to be no fire.

Henceforth I dismiss the Tour de France as I dismiss Olympic Weight Lifting and Olympic Sprinting. “Sports” with no more credibility than World Wrestling Entertainment.

Drugs and Cycling - The True Story

Beckie Scott

Nope, this is not the “Nordic Nudes” calendar page.

Just a thank-you to Beckie Scott for all the great years, the 3 Olympic teams, her fantastic career.

Beckie Scott

She retired April 12, 2006, the most decorated Canadian cross-country skier in history.

Time to relax?

Not at all. She’s the World Anti-Doping Agency’s athlete committee and was recently elected as an athlete member of the International Olympic Committee.

Winter Olympics – Congratulations Canada!

medal ceremonyCanadian Girls Kick Ass.

Congratulations to captain Cassie Campbell and the entire Canadian Women’s Ice Hockey Team. We were cheering for you from an ocean-side sports bar in Belize. There are a lot of Canadians here in the sun.

With this kind of international success, shouldn’t we start boys playing hockey in The Great White North?

And congratulations to the entire Canadian Olympic Team for the great performances in Italy. I am looking forward to the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver and the 2006 Commonwealth Games in Australia!