CCTV crime drama – The Capture

The Capture is a British mystery crime-drama staring Holliday Grainger as hot shot Detective Inspector Rachel Carey of Homicide and Serious Crime Command.

She played Robin Ellacott in Strike, an even better recent British TV series.

Ron Perlman is excellent too.

A fascinating plot – the story starts with a soldier acquitted of a war crime in Afghanistan, based on helmet cam evidence.

But the most interesting part is CCTV video footage being manipulated. 

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) is used for security as well as video surveillance around the world.  Facial recognition software is used, as well. Scary.

There is one surveillance camera for every 11 people in Britain.

I did think writers had trouble ending this great story. It was dragged out. And I didn’t buy the wrap-up.

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Absentia – season 1

I’d like to recommend Absentia as it has a lot of promise, … but I fall in line with Rotten Tomatoes which has it at 70%.

Too much chase, not enough resolution of plot.

Stana Katic is FBI agent Emily Byrne who disappears without a trace while hunting one of Boston’s most notorious serial killers, and she is declared dead in absentia.

Six years later, she is found in a cabin in the woods, barely alive and with no memory …

She returns home to learn that her husband has remarried and her son is being raised by the new wife …

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Harry Bosch – book 2 in the series

I bought both the first and second novels in Michael Connelly’s Harry Bosch series, both as good as any of the later novels.

The Black Ice starts with an apparent suicide of a narcotics officer in Los Angeles.

It was rumored that he had been involved in the selling of a new drug called “Black Ice”.

As the L.A. police higher-ups converge on the scene to protect the department from scandal, Harry Bosch inserts himself into the investigation.

The trail he follows leads to Mexican drug gangs operating across the border while he gets attracted to Calexico Moore’s widow as the case progresses. …

Titus Welliver as Harry Bosch in the TV series

The Stranger on Netflix

The Stranger on Netflix is very bingeable.

The Stranger is a British mystery thriller series … based on the Harlan Coben novel of the same title. The miniseries premiered on Netflix on 30 January 2020.

A mysterious stranger tells a man a secret that has a devastating impact on his seemingly perfect life. …

It’s complex. But not so complex that you lose track of what’s going on.

Rotten Tomatoes 86%.

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Harry Bosch – book 1 in the series

I’ve read most of the Bosch books.

Black Echo is the 1992 début novel by American crime author Michael Connelly. … won the Mystery Writers of America Edgar Award for “Best First Novel” in 1992.

Detective Hieronymus “Harry” Bosch …

… debuted as the lead character in the 1992 novel The Black Echo, the first in a best-selling police procedural series now numbering 21 novels. …

Bosch’s mother was a prostitute in Hollywood who was murdered on October 28, 1961, when Bosch was 11 years old. …

In Vietnam, Bosch was a “tunnel rat” (nicknamed “Hari Kari Bosch”), with the 1st Infantry Division—a specialized soldier whose job it was to go into the maze of tunnels used as barracks, hospitals, and on some occasions, morgues, by the Vietcong and North Vietnamese Army. …

After his return from Vietnam and an honorable discharge from the Army, Bosch joined the LAPD …

Harry is astonishingly unchanged from the beginning nearly 30 years ago.

Titus Welliver in the TV series is quite true to fiction. Season 3 of the Amazon TV series, Bosch, is loosely adapted from this novel.

Russian SciFi TV – Better than Us

I’d enjoyed these similar TV shows …

… so tried something quite similar – Better than Us 

It’s the first Russian television series to make it to Netflix.

I made it through 8 of the 16 episodes before finally giving up. The pace too slow. The English dubbed audio hilariously bad.

Paulina Andreeva is shockingly realistic as a killer robot.

The little daughter in the show played by Vita Kornienko is fantastic too.

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In 2029, robots have become an ordinary part of human life – they help raise children, work as personal drivers, security guards, and lovers.

For most people, “Bots” are just soulless machines that perform routine work, but they also become capable of emotions.

A group of rebels, “The Liquidators,” reject life with the bots – and are ready to shed human blood in their war against the machines.

Sense8 – season 1

If you are looking for binge worthy TV, I’d recommend Sense8 on Netflix.

Plenty of sex. Nudity. Language.

It’s strange. Original. Brave.

Confusing at times. Plot line could be stronger.

Like so many American TV shows bullets never seem to hit good guys. Punches to the face leave no damage.

The show’s first season introduced a multinational ensemble cast … portraying eight strangers from different parts of the world who suddenly discover that they are “sensates”: human beings who are mentally and emotionally linked.

It was praised for its representation of LGBTQ characters and themes, …

To properly tell the international aspects of the story, filming for Sense8 took place almost entirely on location around the globe.

All 8 are good as are the supporting cast members.  But best of the best for me is Miguel Ángel Silvestre as Lito Rodriguez, a Mexican actor playing a Mexican actor.

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The Chemist by Stephenie Meyer

Meyer is best known for her vampire romance series Twilight, which has sold over 100 million copies. They made her a multi-millionaire.

Thought they are YA, I kinda enjoyed those books.

The Chemist (2006) is her second adult book. As a Mormon, there is no no drinking, smoking, or explicit sex scenes in her work. So this one reads something like a YA novel.

For me there was too much time dedicated to romance, as well.

Mormons have no aversion to violence, it seems. This bloody book has a super competent female protagonist called Alex – she’s a medic and an interrogator who worked for a shadowy branch of the US government torturing terrorists before her bosses turned on her.

Known as the Chemist, because she used to squeeze the truth out of her suspects with excruciatingly painful drug concoctions

Now she is a fugitive.

There are some new-to-me plot twists and surprises that makes me recommend the read to those who enjoy thrillers.

Meyer said she was inspired by the Jason Bourne character while writing this book.

A television series based on The Chemist is planned

related – The Guardian review 


Ozark – season 2

Season 2 is not as good as season 1 in my opinion.

Laura Linney is more the most important lead as the complex story line gets increasingly unbelievable.

Evan George Vourazeris is excellent as Tuck. I wish he appeared more often.

And veteran actor Harris Yulin is superb as Buddy Dyker.

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Ozark – season 1

An original, creative and surprising television series.

I recommend Ozark.

Though it’s no Breaking Bad, that’s the nearest comparison.

Ozark is an American crime drama …

Economic advisor Martin “Marty” Byrde suddenly relocates the family from the Chicago suburb of Naperville to the summer resort community of Osage Beach, Missouriafter a money laundering scheme goes wrong, and he must make amends to a Mexican drug cartel by setting up a bigger laundering operation in the Ozarks.

When the Byrdes arrive in Missouri, they become entangled with local criminals including the Langmores and Snells …

The show is set at a modest waterfront resort at Lake of the Ozarks …

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