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I’ve never been more powerless and vulnerable than when lying on the dentist’s chair.

But having had so much practice over the years, I believe I’ve gotten quite skilled at being a compliant patient.

Today I had 3 of the 4 corners of my mouth frozen prepping for the installation of permanent bridges. My dentista popped the question: … while we’re here, do you want to fix the 4th corner?

… Why not.

I’m very happy with Dr. Lorenia Estrada, my lady dentist from La Paz, Baja. (I’ve written of my Stockholm syndrome for her before.)

One new thought came to mind on the death bed this time. I believe women make better dentists than men, on average.

They are more empathetic and gentle.

Male dentists are dead to me from here on in.

My cost for all the dental work I’ve had done in La Paz is about $4800.

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