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I must love the dentist

As a kid I had a horrible dentist. And rotten teeth.

I shunned dentists and avoided their haunts.

Older and wiser, two years ago I flew twice to Mazatlan for major dental work.

Last year I got some work done in Kathmandu.

Over the last week in La Paz, Mexico I’ve spent some quality time with my new dentist, Dr. Lorenia Estrada.

… at least 6 extractions, 5 fillings, 3 long temporary bridges, more …

At times lying back in the chair, trying to relax, trying even to sleep, I believe I turned into Patty Hearst. It was Stockholm syndrome, for sure.

I started to get emotionally attached to my captors. My punishment flashed me back to earlier in the day, floating on an air mattress in the outdoor hot tub at the hotel pool. The dentist’s harsh light reminded me of the tropical sun between palm fronds.

Am I going mad in the Apocalypse Now sense of the word?

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