Daniel Suarez – Kill Decision

Daniel Suarez is an American information technology consultant turned author. …

His career as an author began with a pair of techno-thriller novels. The first one, Daemon, originally was self-published under his own company Verdugo Press in late 2006. …

His follow-up book FreedomTM was released on January 7, 2010. …

Daemon is superb. One of the best books I’ve read in recent years.

I feared his 3rd effort could not match up. But it is good. Especially the plot.

… What is a drone and why is it terrifying? It’s a flying robot that can kill with precision. Drones are currently being used across the world from Pakistan to Yemen to the Philippines, to continuously watch and kill people. Already, thousands of people are being killed by drones each year, and that number will rapidly grow beyond everyone’s expectations.


Moore’s law.

Drones are going to get very cheap and very smart much faster than anyone anticipates (in the same way cell phones and personal computers got cheap and powerful). That means they will be many, many more of them, used very often, in a plethora of places. …

John Robb review on Amazon

details on Amazon


• Aug 26th – CIA drones kill warlord’s family and Taliban chief

Are Drone Strikes Worth the Costs?

… many Pakistanis oppose drone strikes, and they have contributed to a rising anti-Americanism in the country. A recent Pew survey found that three-fourths of Pakistanis consider the United States an enemy. …

As a sport coach, I’d say the USA “lost” the wars in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. Net result negative in all three.


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