less skeptical about Global Warming

Though the majority of scientists think the Earth is warming, most believing it being somehow caused by you and me, I’ve remained skeptical.

Until now.

I was a skeptic because the time frames cited were in the 10s or 100s of years. That’s NOTHING in geological terms.

But long term data like this via the Washington Post are more convincing.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

If that data is solid, “warming” looks real enough to me.

Key glaciers in West Antarctica are in an irreversible retreat, a study team led by the US space agency (Nasa) says.

It analysed 40 years of observations of six big ice streams draining into the Amundsen Bay and concluded that nothing now can stop them melting away. …

If those glaciers really do disappear, over the projected next couple of hundred years, they would add roughly 1.2m to global sea level rise.

Let’s say, for the sake of argument, that the Earth is warming. … What do we do about it that would actually have any positive effect long term? And what would it cost? 😦

related – the NASA press release

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