boycott Kroger’s Supermarket

Stop shopping at Kroger’s until they stop open carry of guns.

Groceries not Guns

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I was in Oklahoma last week. Pretty much every establishment I entered had either a “No Guns” sign. Or a “No unlicensed Guns” sign. Kroger’s does not. Boycott.


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3 thoughts on “boycott Kroger’s Supermarket”

  1. Let’s see – you seem to feel that Kroger should not allow people to carry firearms in their stores, right?
    So why?

    Do you think that a murderer is going to Openly Carry a firearm around shopping until (s)he is ready to start the slaughter ? Or perhaps if someone has an Openly Carried firearm they will start shooting people over the last frozen pizza in the freezer?

    Pretty much every establishment I entered had either a “No Guns” sign. Or a “No unlicensed Guns” sign.

    That is a wide variation in signage. One is legally prohibited anyone from carrying a firearm in the location (no guns sign) the other addresses only those without a license to carry a firearm.

    But again – who is going to honor those signs? Only the people who aren’t planning on robbing the store, who aren’t planning on shooting someone.

    Kroger has repeatedly told Moms Demanding Attention they will continue to follow state and federal law concerning people’s rights. Doesn’t Kroger have the right to do so?

    MDA has been ‘boycotting’ Kroger for a while now..wonder how it is affecting their bottom line.

    he Kroger Co. (NYSE: KR), headquartered in Cincinnati, OH, is one of the world’s largest food retailers, with fiscal 2014 sales of $108.5 billion.

    and Kroger has grown identical supermarket sales for an unparalleled 45 consecutive quarters. along with same store sales growth of 6% in the 4th quarter of 2014.

    Doesn’t seem like many people are avoiding Kroger, does it?

    Bob S.

      1. Rick,

        The question I have is why wasn’t MDA satisfied with the original answer from Kroger’s?

        They asked Kroger’s to ban firearms; Kroger’s said no. Should have been the end of the story,right?

        But no, MDA said – “oh, if you don’t do what we ask, we are going to boycott you, try to generate negative publicity to ruin you”. It seems as if it wasn’t a request but an extortion attempt.

        Isn’t there more than a little hypocrisy in MDA’s actions?

        Bob S.

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