Bikepacking Patagonia – day 1

Jan 14, 2019 – 64km

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It’s about 200km to the ferry at the bottom of this map. If you head south. South on the Great Southern Road.

Therefore I headed … east 🙄 towards Petrohué Waterfalls and Vincent Perez Rosales National Park.

Not the shortest route, but more scenic. It adds at least 100km.

But I did avoid Puerto Montt, nobody’s favourite tourist town. That’s the traditional start of the Carretera Austral.

Though I checked out of Casa Azul hostel at 10:30am, it wasn’t until 1:45pm that I finally rode away from Austral Bikes to start the trip.

I’m covered up because of slight sunburn day 0.

It took HOURS to get my Canadian phone loaded with data for the trip south. In fact, it was Juan Pablo at the bike shop who got most of it done. He came in special on his day off to help me out.

Why can’t someone figure out an easy way to get a local phone number abroad?

Of the 6 phone providers Entel is best in the south. Weirdly you can’t buy a sim card from Entel — they send you to a department store for that. Weirdly, the normal place to top up a sim card is in a pharmacy. Chileans call a sim a “chip” or “chip card”, similar to credit cards with chips.


I’d planned to take an easy half day out to Petrohué. Juan Pablo challenged me to make it all the way to Cochamó as it would be the best stop. 🙄

Another beautiful day.

I stopped only once for a quick lunch.

Turning south on to a smaller highway left me with a tiny shoulder.

I actually preferred this road over the dedicated bike lane on the tourist highway. There was very little traffic headed south.

Keeping up my speed I would have made Cochamó by about 8:30pm.

Unfortunately my quads were cramping so I quit about 30km short. Set up the tent in a construction site about 6pm

An Andean Fox — as is so often the case down here — was lurking around my campsite after dinner.

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