Bikepacking Patagonia – day 4

Jan 17, 2019 – 90km  to Chiloe

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I checked out of my Puerto Montt Hostel as late as possible. My plan was to take 2 easy days riding to Ancud on the island of Chiloe. I’d take more frequent rest stops, as well.

Certainly I’d been pushing too hard so far.

Chile had promised to ban plastic grocery bags last year and seems to have followed up. Here and there recycling is getting organized, too.

I’m finally semi-happy with how my gear is loaded.

I took this road last year by bus. From the bike you see much more, however.

And you can easily stop for weird local tourist attractions.

I again enjoyed an inexpensive and efficient ferry over to Chiloe.

Each day I cycle past dozens of these small memorials. This is the most elaborate I’ve seen so far.

On pavement I made much better time than expected. Early on — feeling strong — I decided to do the entire 90km in one day. Here’s Ancud, a town everyone in Chile regards with fondness. (pop 40,000)

I rode the old bridge into town.

Chiloe is famous for rain and wind. But not tonight.

My hostel from last year was full so they sent me down to a lovely place on the ocean called Mundo Nuevo. New World.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

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