cycling eastern Washington State

July 14, 2019 – days 12-13.

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I was up early at my wild camp between road and cattle fence.

Near Sprague Lake I happened past a baby bird staying motionless on the roadway. Seems it had become separated from the Mom.

Eastern Washington State is interesting. There are a lot of old trucks, some operational.

And how can there be so many trains? Are they all headed to Seattle?

As I’d given up on the Great American Rail-Trail I took, instead, a variety of backcountry roads and non-motorized trails.

Actually I got trail advice from the first GART hiker I’d met. (Now retired, he now plans to wander the USA and Canada with his dog Oreo.)

Columbia Plateau Trail
Fish Lake

For some reason there was a gap on the Columbia Plateau Trail … but I found a way to squeeze through.

Later I had problems with my bike. Somehow, somewhere I’d broken 3 spokes.

Is this a bike shop?

It was a long day, but a good day — aside from the spokes.

The bike still rolled but was quite noisy and wobbly.

No matter how much I drank, I could not urinate. 😕

Is that a bad sign?

In these flatlands it wasn’t easy to find a discrete place to camp. Happily I came upon this old foundation sunk into the ground.

Click PLAY or watch the ride on YouTube.


Next morning I tried taping up my broken spokes so they made less noise.

It worked, but not well.

Luckily the farm highway was nearly deserted.

I wobbled my way into the town of Plummer, Idaho and called Dave Adlard in nearby Couer d’Alene. Could he come pick me up?

Dave did rescue. But it was one of he busier days of his life. 🤔

I waited at the Gateway restaurant. And enjoyed a 19,000 calorie breakfast.

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