Visiting Cambridge, England

I visited Oxford in 2018. Really enjoyed it.

So in 2022 I planned a trip to rival Cambridge. Home town of Pink Floyd. 😀

The University of Cambridge was founded in 1209. And even today the highlight of the small city are the Colleges.

Click PLAY or watch Rick Steves on YouTube.

As the Church ran education in the early centuries, there are plenty of Churches.

One place I really did enjoy was The Orchard Tea Garden outside of town.

On advice from a local, I had the FULL ENGLISH BREAKFAST mess at Cafe 24. I ASSuME this is where Sir Isaac Newton broke fast. 😀

I do think it would be super inspiring to be a student here.

The libraries and bookstores are fantastic.

Cycling town I happened to come upon AstraZeneca. The British-Swedish multinational company has its Head Office here. Moderna has headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts so there’s a bit of symmetry.

Click PLAY or watch the tourist pitch on YouTube.

Described as one of the “most beautiful cities in the world” by Forbes in 2010, I personally found it frustrating to explore on foot and by bike. MUCH is locked down. Bicycles prohibited. Views limited.

Oxford is better for the tourist.

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