medical / dental tourism

dentist-smile.jpgI’m still shopping for a dentist in a developing country, likely Mexico.

Dental work in Canada is over-priced in my opinion. How many can afford $400 / hour for sitting in a chair?

More than 500,000 Americans traveled out of the country last year for medical or dental work, according to the National Coalition on Health Care. In those numbers are cases of heart bypasses, orthopedic surgeries and expensive dental treatments. | 10/08/2006 | Need care, will travel


airport screeners at Newark fail to find 20 of 22 “weapons”

More on “security theatre”.

The Newark Star-Ledger reports that security screeners at Newark airport flunked 20 of 22 security tests operated by undercover federal agents last week. They failed to spot items including concealed bombs and guns at checkpoints throughout the international airport’s three terminals, according to federal officials.

Boing Boing: Airport screeners at Newark fail to find 20 of 22 “weapons”

“security theatre”

Like every tourist in Page, Arizona, I popped in to visit Glen Canyon Dam. I’ve really enjoyed similar tours of other large dams.

And the impact on the environment caused by the construction of the Glen Canyon Dam is more controversial than most. It sounded interesting.


But I was turned off by over-zealous security officials.

After a slow line-up, turned out I was not allowed to carry anything into the facility. They rushed and flustered a bus load of French tourists too. Everyone present was painfully aware that there was zero security risk. It was an embarassment.

This going-through-the-motions has been called security theatre. Too right.

Rather than this useless song and dance, why don’t we study what the Israelis do? The security procedures of El-Al airlines, for example. El Al has has had no successful terrorist attack on board any of its aircraft for over 35 years.

Major dams are terrorist targets. They deserve the highest level of security. But hassling tourists does not help. Shut the facility down from tourism completely, if necessary. Shut down the highway, if necessary.

But don’t pretend you are preventing a serious attack by preventing me carrying in a wallet.

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exercising while travelling

The worst part of travel is the inconsistency of exercise and food. You have far more control over your life at home.

I would like to be riding a bike to a gymnastics gym (or weight room) but — instead — I’m jogging to playgrounds.

This one (VitaCourse) in Vegas is of the best playground gyms I’ve found.


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tobacco companies increased nicotine

Surprise, surprise.

Tobacco companies increased nicotine in kids’ and minorities’ cigs

A new study shows that tobacco companies have been quietly increasingly the nicotine in the brands most smoked by kids and minorities for the past decade, increasing the toxicity and addictiveness of their products.

Boing Boing: Tobacco companies increased nicotine in kids’ and minorities’ cigs