overweight people now outnumber the starving

Good news.

Or is it?

Overweight now outnumber under-fed around the world – Times online


Update: Obesity ‘engulfing the entire world’


tobacco companies increased nicotine

Surprise, surprise.

Tobacco companies increased nicotine in kids’ and minorities’ cigs

A new study shows that tobacco companies have been quietly increasingly the nicotine in the brands most smoked by kids and minorities for the past decade, increasing the toxicity and addictiveness of their products.

Boing Boing: Tobacco companies increased nicotine in kids’ and minorities’ cigs

Monsanto should be terminated

photo.jpgPlaying with Mother Nature is rarely a good policy.

This is bound to end in diaster.

… I believe Monsanto is going too far with this evil … Yes, I said evil. To prevent a farmer’s seed from previous harvests from germinating just to maintain a strong grip on the marketplace is sick, and one strong reason GM food is looked at with distrust and hatred in the rest of the world.

Terminator technology or anything that disrupts the proper development of any plant should be illegal.

Beyond protecting intellectual property, this is all about greed, plain and simple.

Dvorak Uncensored » Monsanto continues to pursue controversial “Terminator” seed-control technology

want your corpse posed and displayed?

Science Museum of Minnesota in St. Paul BODY WORLDS exhibition was packed.

You could join the 200 authentic human specimens, including entire bodies, that have been preserved through the process of Plastination, not surprisingly a German technique that replaces bodily fluids and fat with plastic.

runner with muscles splayed back

The purported goal of the exhibit is to “educate the public about the inner workings of the human body”. But it is ghoulish fascination which has been drawing hundreds of thousands of visitors to this and 2 other touring shows.

I thought it fascinating.

The Human Body is an OmniMax film showing in conjunction with the exhibit.

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Clinton – a nightmare, insane, a colossal waste of money

globeandmail.com : Avoid U.S. health model: Clinton

(Bill might be ramping up the rhetoric towards coming US elections.)

Clinton said Canada should stay the course. And review similar health-care systems — in Germany, Denmark or Sweden, for instance — that have solved problems such as overly long waiting times.

I disagree. The only solution is a FREE free market system for health care.

Regulated health care is like regulated phone service. Now that there is competition between VOIP and traditional carriers, my cost today dropped to FREE for all long distance Skype calls and now all local calls from North America to North America from SkypeOut.

the war on indoor tanning

William Saletan wrote a great piece on Slate.com

“Here come the health police. First they came for the cigarettes. Then they came for the sodas. Now it’s the tanning salons.

The cigarette war is winding down, as one country after another bans public smoking.

A week ago, the top three soft-drink makers surrendered the first big battle of the junk-food war, agreeing to remove sodas from elementary and middle schools. A few days later, spooked by the outcry against fast food and childhood obesity, Disney fled an advertising deal with McDonald’s. Nobody wants to be the new Joe Camel.”

read the full article …

The overzealous war on indoor tanning.