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FOX news bad for America, bad for the GOP

JACK SHAFER, Politico’s senior media writer:

Fox News isn’t just bad for America, which is the usual liberal complaint. It’s also bad for the Republican Party, the still-conservative Bartlett holds, because it has stunted the GOP’s growth with a news agenda that ships “misinformation” to the party’s far-right base.

This is the so-called Fox “echo chamber” effect you’ve read so much about …

According to chamber theorists, Fox “breeds extremism” within the Republican Party by convincing viewers to reject other news feeds as biased and to partake only of Fox content and like-minded conservative radio fodder. The echo chamber, so the theory goes, has deluded the party into thinking that support for its radical-right views is greater than it really is. This, in turn, has convinced the party to run radical candidates who aren’t as electable as they seem to be. And all this extremism prevents the GOP’s presidential candidates from reaching centrist voters, who are essential for victory.

… the network is better at employing presidential candidates than electing them. …

… The median age of a Fox viewer is 68 … and its median age is rising. …

What Liberals Still Don’t Understand About Fox News


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