prevalence of guns results in more murders / suicides

If you like guns, fine. Buy them. Use and store them safely.

But don’t tell me the average person is safer at home with a gun than without. They’re not – even if 63% of American believe that NRA lie to be true.

WITH one of the highest murder rates among OECD countries—second only to Mexico—America retains its reputation as a disproportionately dangerous country.

The number of violent assaults in America is comparable to those of other western countries, yet murders are much more common. The prevalence of guns goes a long way toward explaining America’s terrible record—they are used in two-thirds of all murders. Americans are five times as likely to be murdered as Brits but over 40 times as likely to be murdered with a gun. …


firearm stats


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4 thoughts on “prevalence of guns results in more murders / suicides”

  1. Mexico disarmed all of its citizens, guns are illegal, even AMMUNITION is illegal, yet they are only second to the US in gun deaths. This is not counting stabbings and other methods of murder, so following this logic, the argument makes no sense.

    I’ll bet a lot of Mexicans would love to have a gun when the drug gangs come in to their town and wreak havoc.

    Switzerland has plenty of guns per capita, yet has a low murder rate, and almost no mass shootings.

    If we really want to save lives, lets concentrate on medical malpractice and mistakes, which kill 500,000 people per year, yet is hardly ever mentioned in the media, because it is not a controversial topic like gun control, abortion, gay marriage, pit bulls and rottweilers.

    1. Is that a typo, Nick?

      Where did you see medical malpractice killing half a million people / year?

      I assume you feel no change is needed in American gun law. That the current death rate is acceptable.

  2. No, I was off by 100,000, the actual total is 400,000. An amazing, staggering amount, yet we never hear about it. Gun deaths pale in comparison. Why isn’t there an anti-medical mistakes lobby?

    No, I don’t think a change is necessary, there is probably another method to lower the number of gun deaths, but I just don’t know what it is. You also have to keep in mind that the bulk of those murders are from gang violence, and there is probably no effective way to have criminals give up their guns. There are already a ton of laws against it.

    Going back to the Mexico example, guns and ammo are illegal in Mexico, yet 60,000 people have died since the war on drugs began, most of them by shootings. How effective is outright banning of guns in that country?

    Every time there is a mass shooting, I am saddened by it. All of those mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers that will never see the victims alive again. But it is not a gun problem, it is a cultural and human problem, and punishing responsible gun owners in an effort to stop it is futile, and only causes them to resist even harder.

    I wish I had a magic wand to cure it, but it can’t be done, at least not at this time.

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