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what unites Canada?

We all celebrate when the Toronto Maple Leafs struggle.

All but the Leaf fans. 🙂

Totonto Maple Leafs v Florida Panthers

National Post (Toronto) Jan 20, 2015:

In Toronto, the Leafs have elevated torment into an art form.

Preschoolers know the team has not won a Stanley Cup since 1967, the longest drought in the league. …

Toronto has missed the playoffs in eight of the last nine seasons, and the team’s annual downward spiral is already at full speed.

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Pro American sport DEAD to me

I don’t watch much Pro American sport in any case. But news in recent weeks motivates quitting NFL, NBA and MLB completely. There’s too much monopoly, money and “tradition” for Pro sport to evolve for the better. Pro sport is DEAD to ME. 😦

Devaluing of women by big-time sports must stop

boycott-nfl-model-with-black-eye-ray-rice-controversy-the-jasmine-brandNFL BOYCOTT

Sadly, revoking the NFL Tax Exemption wouldn’t bring in much revenue. The NFL has  plenty of lobbyists buying off Congress.

I’m going to end up supporting only athletes who are underpaid, none who are overpaid. 😦

Even as the league is under fire for its handling of domestic abuse, one of its biggest problems remains on the field. New NFL estimates project that up to a third of all retired players could develop some form of long-term cognitive problem — such as Alzheimer’s disease or dementia — due to head injuries suffered in games.

Frontline –The NFL’s Concussion Problem Still Has Not Gone Away

NHL is Pro Canadian sport, of course. 🙂



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World Cup – Game Before The Game

I couldn’t care less about the World Cup … unlike most of the rest of the World.

But I love inspiring video. The TV ads are fantastic.

Here’s an epic by Beats by Dre, the recent $3 billion Apple acquire.

The five-minute spot opens with Brazilian superstar Neymar having a heart-to-heart conversation with his father before a soccer match, set over footage of favelas, coastlines and the team bus. …

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

(via Mashable)

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too HOT in Qatar for the World Cup?

I’m in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia right now volunteering at a Gymnastics course. In June the temperatures are mild. 🙂


They don’t really call it HOT here until about 45+.

President of FIFA Sepp Blatter:

“The Arabic world deserves a World Cup. They have 22 countries and have not had any opportunity to organize the tournament.”

Blatter also praised Qatar’s progress, “When I was first in Qatar there were 400,000 people here and now there are 1.6 million. In terms of infrastructure, when you are able to organise the Asian Games (in 2006) with more than 30 events for men and women, then that is not in question.”

On 2 December 2010, it was announced that Qatar will host the 2022 FIFA World Cup. …

For the scheduled World Cup dates:

… the average daytime high in most of Qatar exceeds 50 °C (120 °F), the average daily low temperatures not dropping below 30 °C (86 °F). …

Having been there, I personally feel that Qatar could pull off this event. Nobody would die of heat emergency.

But the corruption scandal may well force a move to another nation.

Ex-FIFA VP Mohamed Bin Hammam allegedly paid $5 million in bribes to secure votes for Qatar, largely to 30 African soccer officials.

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why we love the San Antonio Spurs

Tim Duncan is age-38.

The old, old Spurs are making yet another deep run into the Playoffs. Here’s how.

The San Antonio Spurs dynasty is a thing of beauty to basketball purists because they epitomize the definition of a true team. In a league where everyone focuses on individuals, they are living proof that ‘We’ is greater than ‘Me’.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Thanks Jake.