2007 – predictions from 7 (if you count Balmer) thinkers

The one I like best:

Chris Anderson is the editor in chief of Wired magazine

I’M WILLING TO bet that 2007 is the year that somebody figures out how to make video advertising work in a YouTube world. And if I’m right, the TV industry is going to get very rocky, very fast.

I doubt that the same disruptive force will hit movies, however. The big-screen home-theater boom created a market for high-def films, and that factor-of-10 increase in downloading time bought Hollywood another five years or so to figure things out.

I also think that this will be a big year for video gamers, and not just because of the delightful game-play innovations of the Wii and the power of the Xbox 360. (I can’t wait for Halo 3.)

Equally important is the fact that all of the current generation consoles now have built-in Internet connections. Their role as a bridge from the Net to the TV isn’t just a big deal for gaming, it’s also potentially a breakthrough moment for online video of all sorts.

We knew gaming competed with television for time, but now we’re learning that mainstream acceptance of networked gaming may also create the greatest competitor for the broadcast distribution model itself.

What will they think of next? – Los Angeles Times

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Why the Future of Business Is Selling Less of More

The Long Tail: Why the Future of Business Is Selling Less of More


2007 – Year of the Widget ??


Widgets are gimmicky little computer programs that I almost never use.

They are novelties.

If 2006 was the Year of YouTube — and it was — then 2007 is the year of TV delivered on-line.

Of course we already have TV on-line. But in 2007 the general public will finally catch on in numbers.

It will only happen if on-line video and TV are effortlessly delivered to our existing televisions. That will happen in a big way in the coming year.

That big monthly payment you make for crappy cable TV is an attractive target for entrepreneurs.

If for some reason that glad revolution is delayed … then 2007 will be the year when RSS finally starts to catch on with the great unwashed.


Give me a break, Newsweek.

TIME magazine’s man of the year is “You” and if that is the case, then widget is a good way to express yourself. Newsweek is declaring 2007 “Year of the Widget.”

GigaOM » 2007, Year of the Widget

TV You’ll Want To Pay For

Rick’s opinion: TV is ripe for a fall. We pay $50 a month or more for a service which with we are generally dissatisfied.

Apple’s Steve Jobs personally reinvented the music industry with iTunes. The winners are recording artists & the fans. The losers are the middlemen.

I don’t think Apple will reinvent the television industry. But they will be remembered as the company who first alerted the general public.

TV You’ll Want To Pay For – How $2 downloads can revive network television. By Ivan Askwith

Dead Like Me – TV show

Friends in Saskatoon turned me on to a quirky, philosophical show about grim reapers. The central character is Georgia, an 18-year-old killed by a toilet seat falling from space.

Shot in Vancouver, it was excellent.

Was because the show was cancelled after the second season. The series is dead though still in reruns and available on DVD.

It’s too bad good things must end.

official website for the TV show Dead Like me

Da Vinci now Mayor of Vancouver – TV show

article: Da Vinci moves into City Hall

Da Vinci’s Inquest was one of my favourite (unabashedly Canadian) TV shows. The lead actor Nicholas Campbell is great.

Da Vinci was the coroner, but suddenly won the race for mayor. The new show is called Da Vinci’s City Hall.

official website for the TV show