TV – Simpsons couch intros

Simpsons famously pokes their viewers in the eye with the couch introduction every episode.

Someone edited together all the “Intros (Runs To Couch) of the 16th/17th Season”.

Click PLAY or watch the montage on YouTube.

author – Michael Crichton

Just finished Congo, Crichton’s 1980 book exploring themes of communication with great apes and the possibility that man and chimpanzee had inter-bred at some point in the distant past.

What I like about Crichton is that his books are accessible by a 10-year-old yet are based on serious scientific research. He is a medical doctor by training.

Of course he has had fantastic success translating his work to film and TV. I never realized until recently that Crichton wrote and directed one of my formative early films Westworld

I liked Crichton even better after I read his autobiographical book Travels:


In some ways Crichton’s heir is Canadian author Robert J. Sawyer

Actually, (after I had written the statement above) I got the chance to ask Robert if he was influenced by Crichton and he said he had not read him since age 12. Though both have a scientific background, Crichton is “anti-Science” — in his books the scientific breakthrough always goes wrong. The dinosaurs run amok.

John Hodgman – comedian – net neutrality

Everything this guy does breaks me up.

And Hodgman is everywhere right now.

He is the Bill-Gates-like PC in the hilarious Apple computer Get-a-Mac ads.

His bits on the Daily Show are classic. Here’s one where Hodgman explains Net Neutrality. Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Lonelygirl15 no “fake”

Smugly, I was not one of the millions who watched viral videos on YouTube from Lonelygirl15.

Even Om Malik thought she was for real.

Turns out Lonelygirl was a 19-year-old actress in a carefully scripted new kind of internet “TV show”.

There must be dozens of similar videos in production right now. Don’t believe what you see on the internet.

MTV News – Internet Phenom Lonelygirl15 Reveals Secrets, Says Bree Is Someone ‘Everybody Can Relate To’


The Lonelygirl That Really Wasn’t – NYT

this reality TV thing could catch on

I tuned in last night for the season finale of Rock Star: Supernova.

There’s something I like about that show. Dave Navarro is great, and I am intrigued with the twist that all these hard-core, heavy weight rock stars are so … nice.

No surprises. Edgy Lukas Rossi won the contest. He will front Supernova on the coming 2007 tour.

The token female in the final who’s name is already forgotten was the most talented as usual — but could she really lead that band? Hard rock is mostly a boys club.

I like The Amazing Race, of course. Travel adventure.

So You Think You Can Dance is a great concept and a showcase of talent I would otherwise not see.

mt_terry.jpgBut the future is in the direction of shows that feel less formulaic and scripted. For example:

  • Mantracker
  • Dog the Bounty Hunter
  • These lowest budget productions remind me of the best of the video blogs of MoBuzzTV and Rocketboom.

    MobuzzTV – Karina Stenquist – update

    MoBuzz is now my favourite video blog. Check this episode discussing the use of the internet to “shame” those with whom you disagree:

    Net-Shaming from Craigslist to Creeps

    7 minutes long, high speed connection needed. Far better is to subscribe via iTunes.

    Karina Stenquist is the latest of my bevy of internet tech divas. I download her daily.



    She’s the English language host of a video podcast out of Spain.

    Sassy, irreverent — Stenquist is compelling. Check or search for MobuzzTV on iTunes.