Geek chik – The Guild

The Guild is an American comedy web series created and written by Felicia Day, who also stars as Codex. It premiered on YouTube on July 27, 2007.

Subsequent webisodes premiered on Microsoft’s Xbox Live Marketplace, Zune Marketplace, and MSN Video. The webisodes were later made available on the official Guild website, YouTube, and iTunes.

The show revolves around the lives of online guild “The Knights of Good” who play countless hours of an unspecified MMORPG video game. The story focuses on Codex, the Priestess who attempts to lead a normal life after one of her guild-mates, Warlock Zaboo (Sandeep Parikh), shows up on her doorstep. …

Felicia Day is even more famous for this online video.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Her new Bollywood theme video is going viral too.

iPhone 3GS – What it means to Canadians

From Amber MacAurthur, geek babe:

On June 8th, 2009, news of a faster and cheaper iPhone made headlines. This latest release includes new enhancements such as a built-in camcorder, longer battery life, and voice control. The camera is now 3 megapixels, which will increase the quality of photos substantially, and on the camcorder side, you can trim videos you shoot simply by using your finger. Apple calls this 3GS, “the fastest, most powerful iPhone yet,” with up to 32GB of storage. Most importantly, this time around, Canadians will not be left behind.

Rogers has confirmed that, along with Fido, they will be launching the new 16GB and 32GB Apple iPhone 3GS on June 19th. The prices are $199(16GB) and $299(32GB), both will be available in black or white. The existing iPhone 3G (8GB) will be for sale for just $99 (on a three year voice and data contract). If you don’t want to sign a contract, that is also an option. Rogers and Fido will, once again, be offering the $30/6GB plan for iPhone customers for a limited period.

On the software side, both iPhone 3GS and 3G users will be able to download a free update, which includes the much desired cut, copy, and paste, among dozens more additional features.

Insofar as tethering, which allows you to share your iPhone internet connection with your computer, Rogers will support this feature for existing models and new models of the iPhone on both brands.

All of this news is refreshing for Canadian iPhone lovers. No longer will we have to sneak across the border to get our Apple phone fix or gaze into the eyes of proud iPhone owners on YouTube. Instead, we’ll be sharing the features of this year’s sexiest phone around the same time as the rest of the world.


Gizmo Diva – The iPhone 3GS – What it means to Canadians

The app I’m most interested in is the new Accuterra … Must Have iPhone App for Hikers.

When yet another geek babe online videocast arrived, it got some negative buzz on the internet.

MobLogic is a web show that covers news, politics, and pop culture. Every day host Lindsay Campbell hits the streets to find out what issues are on the minds of Americans.

“Streeter” interviews are “easy”. You can always find people to mock.

Yet now, is one of my favourites. It’s evolving into quite a personal soapbox for the appealing host. Samples that are not street interviews:

Amber MacArthur – hottest women in Tech

Girl-next-door-beautiful Amber MacArthur was voted #1 by the top Men’s on-line portal AskMen. Good call. I am a huge fan.

Amber’s everywhere on the internet (including my Facebook friends list), but her best work is the Webnation TV show.

Amber MacArthur’s background within the tech sector — she has worked for Microsoft and Razorfish, among others — has resulted in the kind of credibility many of her contemporaries would kill for, and it’s hard to imagine a more ideal candidate for our hottest women in tech list. … – Hot women in tech


Amber is from PEI. The #2 on the list is Morgan Webb from Toronto.

funny video – Obama, Clinton or Gore?

They let these people vote?

We should rescind universal suffrage.

Al Gore sure has been in the news a lot lately First he won an Oscar, then a Nobel Peace Prize, and now some people are saying he should throw in his lot with another bid for President. But up against juggernaut Hillary Clinton and the favorite of the stars, Barack Obama, would Al Gore stand a chance? We decided to ask people in the one place we were SURE Gore would get the thumbs up: San Francisco.

Mahalo Daily

Personally I think Obama has Mitt Romney right where he wants him.

Something has to happen to derail Hillary, though. Perhaps another of Bill’s indiscretions will come to light at just the right time.

Obama announced he was in favour of Net Neutrality the other day while visiting Google.

Real Amber vs. Photoshopped Amber

Amber McArthur is a beautiful woman, one of my geek babes, host of the best Tech TV show of them all: Webnation out of Toronto.


This is well worth checking out …Real Amber vs. Photoshopped Amber

Greg Danbrooke demonstrated how Photoshop is the real tool behind the perfection we see on magazine covers and billboards.

Amber Mac: Real Amber vs. Photoshopped Amber

NOW … Boing Boing TV

Boing Boing is perhaps the world’s most popular blog, winning the Bloggies in 2004 and 2005. It features Mark Frauenfelder, Cory Doctorow, David Pescovitz and Xeni Jardin.

Boing Boing Boing is their fabulous, but infrequent, audiocast.

NOW … Boing Boing TV.

screenshot of a most intriguing woman

WOW! Their internet TV show is just as weirdly fascinating.

You have to watch this, their first episode: Visions of the Future/Listography – Boing Boing TV

Boing Boing – blog

Boing Boing Boing – audiocast

Boing Boing TV

TV – LOVE Amber McArthur’s Webnation

Wonderful Amber MacArthur is understandably well loved by interweb guys. She’s long been Leo Laporte’s sidekick.


Her internet tech video shows Inside Popnology and CommandN are already the best of the web in my opinion.

Now Amber’s outdone herself with a new offering called Webnation.

You can skip Rocketboom, Geekbrief and MoBuzz. Webnation is it. Production values and content are equal to anything on commercial TV. In fact, it airs on commercial Canadian TV though it’s far more convenient to watch it online, anytime.

Check it out.

Webnation airs on CP24 every other Thursday from 11:35 PM – 12:05 AM. You can also view the entire show online at or download it via iTunes.

CityNews: Webnation

Amber Dawn MacArthur – Wikipedia