Alberta Hail

In my lifetime, I’ve seen only one MONSTER hail storm in Calgary. Decades ago. A black wall of hail advanced on the city, denting many vehicles … including my own. (I spent the insurance cash, didn’t fix the Beater.)

Is it just a coincidence there have been so many big Hail storms in southern Alberta lately?

Rocco sends photos of this weird swath near Crossfield Alberta on July 6, 2013.


Click PLAY or watch that storm on YouTube.

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GASLAND – the film

GASLAND – (2010) Directed by Josh Fox. Winner of Special Jury Prize – Best US Documentary Feature – Sundance 2010.

… what comes out of the ground with that natural gas?

How does it affect our air and drinking water?

GASLAND is a powerful personal documentary that confronts these questions with spirit, strength, and a sense of humor. When filmmaker Josh Fox receives his cash offer in the mail, he travels across 32 states to meet other rural residents on the front lines of fracking. He discovers toxic streams, ruined aquifers, dying livestock, brutal illnesses, and kitchen sinks that burst into flame.

He learns that all water is connected and perhaps some things are more valuable than money. …

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Gasland currently holds a 97% rating on the film site Rotten Tomatoes based on 37 reviews. …

swimming with Kokanee salmon

A completely landlocked population of Sockeye salmon is known as “Kokanee“, their name in the Okanagan language.

As youth, myself and Rockin’ Ronnie snorkeled with the Kokanee in Kokanee Creek. An amazing spectacle.

After spawning, the huge fish waste away and die. Unmindful of teenagers snorkeling beside them.

Here’s a salmon in death throes. (VIDEO)

Over the past couple of decades I’ve noticed fewer and fewer spawning Kokanee in that creek.

But the Gerrard rainbow trout are making a comeback in Kootenay Lake. I’m hopeful that conservation efforts are helping the Kokanee, as well.

Fingers crossed …

BC Gov – Viewing Opportunities

Rex Murphy Defending Canada’s Oil Sands

Canada’s Oil Sands could be better regulated, certainly, but using them to symbolize evil is disingenuous at best.

I agree with the outspoken Rex.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

What percentage of delegates in Durban would I call hypocrites? … More than half, I reckon.

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