who accumulated $14 trillion debt?

And who holds that debt?

George W Bush was by far the worst President from an economics point of view. I always felt his goal (Cheney’s goal) was to shovel as many dollars to rich friends as possible.

Leave a comment if you’ve got data to refute these numbers.

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why I love Glee

I don’t know anyone who disliked Friends as much as I did.

Four Six (Dana had to correct me.) good looking white people whining about their lives. 63 Emmy Awards. That’s my definition of over-rated.

Glee, in contrast, tries to tackle important issues. They did a terrific job on Rachel’s nose.

Click PLAY or watch it on Vimeo.


Glee doesn’t always hit the right note. But when they do, it’s awesome.

… less Hebraic and more Fabrayic …

That mash-up was voted Best Glee Song of All Time by TV Line readers in a July 2011 poll.

jobs and the “wealth gap”

Jeff Jarvis is at the Davos World Economic Forum in Switzerland, the elite of the elite.

The theme is “jobs, jobs, jobs.”

… They’re discussing growth strategies and so far we’re hearing the same notions we hear elsewhere in Davos, the complete trick bag: spend money on infrastructure, be nice to business, regulate less, reform taxes, reform immigration. OK and OK.

“The problems of job creation are more complicated than that. …

Buzz Machine – Efficiency over growth (and jobs)

For example, Apple and Google are two of the wealthiest companies in 2011, but they don’t have many employees. Some jobs have been eliminated by technology. Others are gone overseas because people just as competent as you are willing to do it cheaper.

Obama’s State of the Union again chastised the American rich for not doing enough. That might be good politics, but it’s not going to do anything to create many American jobs nor reduce the “wealth gap“. I appreciate that he’s trying. … It’s better than nothing.

Is there any solution?

I don’t think so after listening to a new BBC audiocast documentary: The Wealth Gap: The View from London.

The future looks grim for most wealthy nations. The “occupy” protesters, most jobless, will continue being frustrated. And the rich will get richer. If you try to tax them, they’ll relocate abroad.

source – BBC – The Wealth Gap – Inequality in Numbers

If you have a job, I’d recommend you keep it. And start putting away emergency resources. (I’ll not be following my own advice, as you might guess.)

… One of the few bright spots is philanthropyDavos 2012: Bill Gates commits $750m to fight AIDS

this is the Obama I want

A guy who stands up for what’s right, even when it’s not politically convenient.

GOP candidates are silent when audience boos a gay soldier at their Orlando FL debate. Rick Santorum doesn’t even acknowledge the soldier’s service. The Commander in Chief calls them out on their failure to honor our men and women in uniform.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

We’ve seen far too little of that Obama since he became President.

The clip is from an October 2011 Human Rights Campaign dinner.

President Newt?

What am I missing here?

Isn’t Newt Gingrich the lowest of the low? An egomaniac with no morals whatsoever?

The guy who earned $1.6 million consulting for Freddie Mac?

Why did South Carolina Republicans vote for a guy so brashly amoral?

He can’t win the Presidency. And the Republican establishment knows it.

That would be a disaster for the USA. And the world.

related – Democrat Chris Dodd is a scumbag, happy to sell his soul for $1.2 million / year as chief lobbyist for the movie industry. He and Newt will be in the same circle of Hell, so far as I’m concerned.

blogging and online comments

I listened to an excellent audiocast:

Hosts: Leo Laporte and Tom Merritt

Best known as a prominent blogger, and Vice President and Chief Evangelist of Expert Labs, Anil Dash is this week’s guest.


Three of the smartest internet gurus, together.

Of greatest interest to me was Anil’s opine on why true blogging (better) was eclipsed by microblogs like Twitter & Facebook (inferior). The true blogging platforms (e.g. WordPress & Blogger) are still too much work. Tumblr is better.

Next … the pros and cons of online comments.

Gurus MG Siegler and Anil, amongst others, recently turned comments off on their sites.

Matt Gemmell did too. Then posted the most detailed commentary I’ve seen on online comments – Comments Still Off

Personally, I have few enough hateful and ignorant comments on my blogs not to feel compelled to turn them off. The value — especially comments correcting my many errors — outweigh the negative Karma.

Issues regarding comments come up about once a week or so on my Gymnastics blog. I try not to delete or edit, but am forced to occasionally.

My advice, as always — DON’T READ COMMENTS.

LOVOS – Lifestyles of Voluntary Simplicity

Thanks Kate.

My personal philosophy now has a catchy acronym – LOVOS.

… oriented to health and sustainability; and … critical of consumption and consumerism. …

Unfortunately it doesn’t really dovetail with my new religion, the Missionary Church of Kopimism.

“In our belief, communication is sacred.”