March for Our Lives protest

Saturday March 24th, 2018.

Get out and advocate for gun control with the peaceful protesters if you can.

There are over 830 events planned as I post.

March For Our Lives


why I don’t like Chile

I originally wrote a post on this topic 2 years ago.

why I don’t like Chile

This is an update after my 2018 trip.

Chile is a lousy travel destination, in general. It’s expensive yet quality is comparatively poor for what tourists get. Low value. ☹️

To expand, I’m disappointed in Chile, Argentina and many other nations for their national priorities.

I can’t recommend any destination that has not figured out trash collection.

Ancud, Chile

I can’t recommend any nation that in 2018 still tolerates feral dogs. Why aren’t they spayed or neutered? Why hasn’t the SPCA come to Chile?

I can’t recommend any destination that doesn’t provide enough public toilets.

Every time you turn around in Chile something is broken or closed. Not much money is spent on maintenance. ☹️

closed overhead walkway in Valparaiso

Most buildings are made of wood. They have a lot of fires, needless to say, due to crappy fire prevention.

Street art is great. But there are far too many vandals and taggers in Chile. Nobody seems to do anything about them.

BEST empanadas in Valpo

New Zealand or Australia are far better tourist travel destinations than Chile, by comparison.

how did I not know Henry Ford was a racist?

Hitler had a portrait of Henry Ford on his office wall in Munich

Ford’s plan was to have American people square dance … to insulate them from the evil influences of black Jazz music and THE JEWS.

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Do I have to boycott Ford products now?

He died 1947 at the age of 83.

Obama vs Trump on racism

Trump is a racist. Beloved by KKK and the worst deplorables.

Obama believes all men are created equal.

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