Google profiles copying Facebook

Google has NEVER got a handle on social networking.

Here’s their latest effort to compete with Facebook, the updated Google profile.

my profile

It’s not yet got any of the function of Facebook. But, no doubt, they’ll be rolling that out over time.


The Social Network … really?

It’s a good movie.

No question. Everybody agrees.

The acting was good. I was especially impressed with Justin Timberlake.

But if it wins the Academy Award for Best Picture, this will be the weakest to do so since Shakespeare in Love.

Click PLAY or watch the trailer on YouTube.

They got a main plot line of the movie wrong. Mark Zuckerberg’s had the same girlfriend since the early days of Facebook. He didn’t invent the site to pick up chicks.

things getting better – teenage girls

As a gymnastics coach, I work with a lot of teenage girls.

Troubled teens, I’m oft to call them.

Over my lifetime I’m convinced that young ladies have gotten more confident, savvy and funny.

I first started noticing the trend in the mid-1990s. Teen girls were smart, organized and independent. Teen boys were … the same. Teen boys.

The internet, especially Facebook, has really liberated their creativity. I’ve seen stats showing over two thirds of the posts are by females. But the GOOD posts are about 90% female.

Facebook has not changed teen boys one jot.

Girls are better communicators than boys. And Facebook gives them the chance to really go crazy.

In this Facebook photo one girl is proposing marriage to another. She’s even offering a ring.


… Am I wrong?

I’ve never had anybody else concur with my theory.