get new glasses

I finally got around to getting my eyes checked. And I did have a new prescription.

The specs are fantastically better than those I bought only 3 years ago.

Lesson learned – get my eyes checked annually.


I love Apple warranty work

Yes Apple products are WAY overpriced.

But if you ever do need shop work, they are fantastic. My laptop looks like NEW.

That’s a 3 year old workhorse MacBook Pro which had reached 1000 battery charge cycles. That’s the lifetime expectation.

The battery died died quickly.

Taking it to an Apple store in Wales the Genius recommended I pay for a new battery. And he would throw in a new display for free as the anti-reflective coating was peeling off … as it always does. The free display covered the labour for the battery replacement.

In fact I ended up with a new bottom (with battery) and a new top (with display). All new aside from the chips.

Cost 199€. (US$260) v Google maps offline?

How did I travel without this awesome technology?

It was no problem to find my way through the narrow labyrinths of souks (bazaars) in the Medina of Marrakesh.

Google maps offline is better, but only provides directions for automobile travel. It’s ideal if you are in a rent-a-car. is better if you are on public transit, bike or on foot.

For any new area I’m traveling I download both while connected to wifi. Then compare results offline. gets the data from community-based OpenStreetMap. It’s not as up-to-date or complete. But it does give you voice turn-by-turn navigation like Google.

I love them both.

The process of downloading an offline map is more complicated in Google. It’s one click on

Click PLAY or watch on YouTube.

World Sustainable Development Goals


The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) were the eight international development goals for the year 2015 that had been established following the Millennium Summit of the United Nations in 2000, following the adoption of the United Nations Millennium Declaration.

All 191 United Nations member states at that time, and at least 22 international organizations, committed …

As of 2013, progress towards the goals was uneven. …

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) replaced the MDGs in 2016.

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LOVE Glasgow

I’ve now spent many weeks walking Glasgow, Scotland over 3 long trips. Of all European cities it’s perhaps the one I identify with most.

“People Make Glasgow”

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

I love the architecture, certainly.

And the free, quirky  Kelvingrove and Hunterian museums.

But it’s the surprises that keep me walking. I stumbled on to charming Ashton Lane near the University of Glasgow. A pedestrian strip of shops and restaurants.

The weather is crap, of course. Can we move Glasgow to the Mediterranean? 😎

Quite recently the reputation was ‘The Murder Capital Of Western Europe‘.

Over the last decade, Scotland’s biggest city cut its homicide rate by two-thirds. A change in the style of policing is seen as a major factor.

Today Glasgow is established as one of the world’s friendliest cities. Wonderful volunteerism. They keep hosting marvellous events.

I like how Glasgow tries to be the opposite of tourist darling Edinburgh. They don’t take themselves too seriously here. This disarmingly hilarious statue of the Duke of Wellington is the de facto symbol of the city. Thousands of Glaswegians signed an online petition insisting the traffic cone STAY!

I find Glasgow down to earth. Good value for the tourist.

Give it a chance.

LeBron’s new school in Ohio

… “It’s not a charter school, it’s not a private school, it’s a real-life school in my hometown.” …

Its lengthy school day runs from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., along with an extended school year that runs from July through May. During a seven-week summer session, the school will provide STEM-based camps. …

… free breakfast, lunch, snacks and drinks. They will have access to a fitness trainer. …

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

The school is launching with third- and fourth-graders, but plans to add grades each year until it houses first through eighth grade in 2022.

Students get one other notable benefit: If they successfully complete the school program and graduate from high school, James will cover their full tuition at the local public college, University of Akron.


should you fly WOW Airlines?

WOW air is an Icelandic low-cost carrier started 2012.  Every visitor I met there had flown WOW.

Summer of 2018 WOW had by far the cheapest flights Canada <> Europe. It only introduced North American destinations in 2016.

I’d heard plenty of customer complaints. Fares are low. But extras are expensive. Final costs are deceptively advertised.

For me it was great. I flew Toronto to Iceland (5 hours) and stayed over at no cost for 9 days.

  • CAD 8.99 – seat selection
  • CAD 69.61 – checking one bag
  • CAD 278.59 TOTAL including tax

I also bought a meal and drink for about $15.

That flight had no entertainment. No free drinks or snacks. They gave me grief that my one free carry-on was too large. WOW requires smaller size than other airlines.

I flew on to Glasgow.

  • CAD 259.66 TOTAL including tax. Checking one bag. AND one carry-on item.

I most often fly Air Transat Canada <> Europe. Toronto to Glasgow was running about CAD $1000 at the same time. The “free” stopover in Iceland worked perfectly for me. Most WOW flights stop in Iceland.

IF you want to stop in Iceland for a few days or more, WOW is ideal.

IF you travel light, WOW is very inexpensive.

IF you don’t care about extras like water, WOW is fine.

I’d definitely fly them again. But I’ll read the many confusing rules in advance.

WOW is far better than Ryan. Not nearly as good as EasyJet.

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