transgender toilet issue

I happened upon one of these signs in a Vancouver swimming pool lobby.


It looked exactly like a Starbucks one person washroom.

No need for the text. Better would be this sign.


Anyone should be able to go to the toilet any time. This kind of washroom is the solution.

The transgender toilet issue is STUPID. People passionate about this debate should get a life. Don’t you have higher priorities?

Elevation Place in Canmore

Kelly Mock gave me a tour. He’s got a yearly family membership. Fantastic.

Elevation Place opened in April of 2013 as Canmore’s new recreation facility. Construction of the facility began in 2012 to replace the Canmore Recreation Centre (the community’s old facility). The facility offers an 8-lane 25m lap pool, a world class climbing wall developed by Walltopia, two cardio rooms, a strength room, and a host of fitness programs. Elevation Place also houses the community’s library and a local art gallery.


Elevation Place
Elevation climbling wall

running the river in Edmonton

As a Calgarian, I’m pretty much genetically predisposed to dislike Edmonton, our rival city.

But the North Saskatchewan River in Edmonton is gorgeous.

You jog along between the river and the Highlands Golf Club. I recall playing there in 1989.

Then it’s up and over the pedestrian High Level Bridge.


Edmonton does suck. But – I must admit – the North Saskatchewan River valley parks system is pretty awesome.

fitness Copacabana

There are 10 hostels near Copacabana. I stayed at two of them over 5 nights.


Like most urban beaches, Copacabana has a busy fitness culture. I cycled or ran the promenade every day.


At regular intervals are Exercise Stations.

beach fitness station

Those photos were taken in typical sunny weather. I got some terrible weather. The beach near deserted.

IMG_0819 IMG_0842

One section is fenced off. I assume something will be happening here in conjunction with the Olympics. (The Beach Volleyball venue is Copacabana Stadium.)


Copacabana Beach plays host to millions of revellers during the annual New Year’s Eve celebrations and, in most years, has been the official venue of the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup. …

On December 31, 1994, the New Year’s Eve celebrations featured a Rod Stewart concert with an attendance of 3.5 million, making it the largest concert crowd ever. …


Copacabana to Rio Central

On a quiet Sunday I made the long walk and back.

One highlight was Theatro Municipal.


The building is designed in an eclectic style, inspired by the Paris Opéra of Charles Garnier. The outside walls are inscribed with the names of classic Eurocentric & Brazilian artists. It is located near the National Library and the National Fine Arts Museum, overlooking the spacious Cinelândia Square.

Arcos de Lapa (Carioca Aqueduct) was hosting free music. But there were not many people in attendance aside from the many homeless who sleep on the streets there.


The aqueduct was built in the middle of the 18th century to bring fresh water from the Carioca river to the population of the city. It is an impressive example of colonial architecture and engineering.

Sunday is a good day to go downtown as there’s very little traffic. On the other hand, almost everything is closed for the Sabbath.

The beaches are busier. But not busy in early May.



The Flamengo beachfront area is dominated by the Brigadier Eduardo Gomes Park, built by Lota de Macedo Soares on nearly 300 acres (1.2 km²) of land reclaimed from the bay and completed in 1965.


Outdoor fun and fitness everywhere you look.


IMG_0965 IMG_0963

I’d planned to rent a bike to explore this part of Rio. All the rental shops were closed on Sunday, however. Some please ask Pope Francis why some businesses can open on the Holy Day, others not. 🙂